3 Makeup Habits That Can Ruin Your Brows

Your eyebrows have the power to instantly lighten up and transform your look. This is why many people longed to achieve that perfectly trimmed and shaped brows. While having your brows on fleek can indeed bring out the best in you,there are some makeup mistakes that can mess up your brow. Find out whether or not you’re guilty of doing some of them when you read the list below.

1. Over-Plucking

When it comes to plucking,many prefer to do it on their own. While there’s nothing wrong in DIY-ing this,there are some who tend to go way over than necessary. You see,the purpose of plucking is to simply get rid of stray hairs so that it looks clean and neat when you fill them in. A good rule of thumb when plucking is to keep your tweezing at the border of your brow. Any hair beyond that,you might regret later.

2. Too Much Cream

Getting to much cream or makeup product in your brow is also bad. Some of these items may contain chemicals and ingredients that can irritate the skin in your brow which can cause them to fall out. If anything,only go for eyebrow makeup products for sale that have been tested and proven safe. This is to avoid damaging your brow.

3. Rough Application

Another habit you must refrain from doing is being too rough with your brow brush,pencil or crayon. As you might’ve probably guessed,this type of application can hurt your eyebrows. This is why you have to be more gently when you start filling in your brows. It’s also important to note that using dry makeup can give you a “meh” and untidy look which will require you to retouch them every now and then.

Don’t ruin your chances of having perfect and beautiful brows. Be sure to you avoid doing any of these practices to keep your eyebrows looking gorgeous all day long.

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