eyeAlcohol is the number one enemy of beautiful eyes. Why do people’s faces look red and body temperature increases after drinking? That is because the alcohol will promote blood circulation and expanse capillary. The skin around eyes is weakness and blood vessels are very thin, the capillary, therefore, are easy to break if excessive drinking. So it had better far away alcohol, if people had to drink, try to drink more water when drink wine.

The influence of tobacco also could not neglect. Recent researches clearly show that it can lead to wrinkles around the eyes. People should not relax vigilance, even if they don’t smoke. Secondhand smoke also will destroy your body and appearance. In order to reduce the wrinkles around eyes, try to keep away from tobaccos.

Eyes will become glassy in dry condition. The best way to eliminate this enemy is to constantly supply water to the eyes. Almost every beautician and eye expert suggest to use wetting liquid in usual time.

Too much ultraviolet radiation can cause eye wrinkles, cataracts and other eye diseases. Wear sunglasses will protect your eyes well when go out.

Air pollution. This enemy is difficult to notice. But after you realized, it will have already influenced your eyes. So creating a clean environment around you is also important for eyes.

Using expired cosmetics. When you open a new mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow, bacteria begins to invade in. And after you used these cosmetics and back into the container, more bacteria will be collected into again. More and more bacteria will be created with the increasingly using time. Once they enter into your eyes, it will cause some worse results. Therefore, don’t use expired cosmetics and change them usually.

Poor Diet. The research indicates that fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, carotene and zinc which are good for eyes and can certain eye diseases and wrinkles. If you are going a poor diet, it is good to reduce the intake of fat and starch, but better to increase the vegetables and fruits.

Loss of Sleep. People will have heavy pouches under the eyes, black eye rim and wrinkles if they usually lack of sleep. This is also a bad sign for people’s health. Share more time on enjoying a good sleep is very important. But remember that try to drink less caffeine that can interfere with your sleep quality.


Some known enemies for your Eyes
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